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A colostomy is an operation to divert one

the colon (a part of the bowel) via an opening within the tummy.

the opening is called a stoma. A pouch can be located over the stoma to acquire your poo (stools).

A colostomy can be everlasting or transient.

whilst a colostomy is wanted
A colostomy can be wished if, as the end result of an contamination, damage or trouble with your digestive gadget, you cannot skip stools thru your anus.

you could have a colostomy to treat:

bowel cancer
Crohn's ailment
anal most cancers
vaginal cancer or cervical most cancers
bowel incontinence
Hirschsprung's sickness
A colostomy is frequently used after a phase of the colon has been removed and the bowel cannot be joined returned together.

this may be transient and observed by every other operation to opposite the colostomy at a later date, or it may be permanent.

read more about reversing a colostomy.

How a colostomy is executed
A colostomy is carried out under widespread anaesthetic, using either:

open surgical treatment (laparotomy) – in which a long reduce (incision) is made in the tummy to get right of entry to the colon, or
laparoscopic (keyhole surgical operation) – in which the physician makes several smaller incisions and makes use of a tiny camera and surgical gadgets to get entry to the colon
normally, keyhole surgery is the preferred alternative due to the fact recovery is faster and the danger of complications is decrease.

There are two primary sorts of colostomy: a loop colostomy and an stop colostomy. The precise approach used will rely on your situations.

A loop colostomy is frequently used if the colostomy is brief as it's less complicated to opposite.

Loop colostomy
In a loop colostomy, a loop of colon is pulled out via a cut on your tummy. The loop is opened up and stitched to your skin to shape an opening known as a stoma.

The stoma has  openings which can be near together. One is attached to the functioning part of your bowel, in which waste leaves your body after the operation.

the alternative commencing is hooked up to the "inactive" part of your bowel, main for your rectum.

In a few instances, a assist tool (a rod or bridge) can be used to hold the loop of colon in place while it heals. it's usually removed after a few days.

cease colostomy
With an stop colostomy, one end of the colon is pulled out thru a reduce for your tummy and stitched to the skin to create a stoma.

An end colostomy is regularly everlasting, however transient cease colostomies are once in a while utilized in emergencies to deal with bowel obstructions, colon accidents or bowel cancer.

The stoma
the position of the stoma will depend on the section of your colon this is diverted, however it's usually on the left-hand side of your tummy, underneath your waist.

If the operation is planned earlier, you may meet a consultant stoma nurse to talk about the location of the stoma.

The stoma can be red and wet and might bleed barely, specially within the beginning – that is normal. It shouldn't be painful because it does not have a nerve supply.

Stomas can range in form and length – some are fairly flat, even as others protrude slightly.

recovering from a colostomy
After having a colostomy, you will want to get better in hospital for a few days.

you may have:

a drip for your vein to provide fluids
a catheter to drain urine out of your bladder
an oxygen masks that will help you breathe
A clear colostomy bag will be positioned over the stoma so it can be easily monitored and tired. the primary bag is often pretty big – it will commonly get replaced with a smaller bag before you go domestic.

Stoma nurse
while you get better in health center, a stoma nurse will display you a way to take care of your stoma, such as a way to empty and exchange the bag.

The nurse will educate you the way to keep your stoma and surrounding skin easy and loose from irritation, and come up with recommendation about preventing contamination.

they will additionally give an explanation for the specific forms of gadget available and how to get new substances.

whilst you leave sanatorium, a local stoma nurse will visit you at domestic, or you will be asked to go to a stoma care hospital.

Going home
most of the people are well sufficient to go away hospital three to 10 days after having a colostomy.

once home, avoid strenuous activities that might place a pressure in your stomach, which includes lifting heavy gadgets.

Your stoma nurse will provide you with advice about how quickly you may move returned to ordinary sports.

within the first few weeks after your operation, you could have greater wind than standard (flatulence), and a discharge out of your stoma.

This ought to begin to enhance as your bowel recovers from the effects of the operation.

dwelling with a colostomy
Adjusting to life with a colostomy can be hard, but most of the people get used to it in time.

you may be involved that your day-to-day activities could be constrained and other human beings will notice you are wearing a colostomy bag.

modern-day colostomy equipment is understated and relaxed, and also you ought to be able to do maximum of the sports you enjoyed earlier than without experiencing the symptoms that made the colostomy necessary inside the first area.

Your specialist stoma nurse can be capable of give you further guide and recommendation that will help you adapt to life with a colostomy

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