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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common virus

what's CMV?
CMV is just like the herpes virus that causes bloodless sores and chickenpox.

once you have the virus, it stays in your frame for the relaxation of your life.

Your immune gadget generally controls the virus and most people do not recognise they have it.

How CMV is spread
CMV is mainly unfold through close contact with a person who already has CMV. it may be exceeded on via frame fluids which include saliva, blood and urine.

CMV can best be passed on whilst it's miles "active". this is whilst:

you capture the virus for the primary time – young kids often get CMV for the primary time at nursery
the virus has "re-activated" – due to the fact you've got a weakened immune gadget
you've got been re-infected – with a special kind (strain) of CMV
Pregnant women can bypass an "energetic" CMV infection directly to their unborn child. that is known as congenital CMV.

CMV doesn't constantly cause signs and symptoms
some people get flu-like symptoms the first time they seize CMV, which include:

a high temperature of 38C or extra
aching muscle mass
feeling unwell
sore throat
swollen glands
if you do have signs and symptoms, they generally get better on their very own within about three weeks.

See a GP if you have flu-like signs and:
you're pregnant
you have a weakened immune gadget – for example, due to the fact you are having chemotherapy
if your GP is concerned about your or your babies' fitness they can set up exams to discover what is causing your symptoms.

How CMV is handled
CMV that is not inflicting symptoms does not want any remedy.

there is currently no remedy for CMV in being pregnant and in most instances the virus does not reason any issues to your infant.

Antiviral medicinal drug can be used to deal with:

infants diagnosed with congenital CMV after they may be born
humans with a weakened immune gadget
treatment have to help to weaken the virus and decrease the risk of serious issues – however it would not treatment CMV contamination.

babies born with congenital CMV need to live in clinic till the antiviral remedy finishes.

the way to reduce the threat of CMV in being pregnant
The best way to lessen the threat of catching CMV all through pregnancy is with some simple hygiene measures:

wash your fingers the usage of soap and warm water – specially after changing nappies, feeding younger children or wiping their nose
frequently wash toys or other gadgets that get younger children's saliva or urine on them
avoid sharing meals, cutlery, ingesting glasses or dummies with young kids
there may be presently no vaccine for CMV.

ImportantA DEXA scan is a special form of  X-ray that measures bone mineral density (BMD).

DEXA stands for "twin strength X-ray absorptiometry". This kind of experiment may also be called:

a DXA scan
a bone density test
a bone densitometry experiment
DEXA scans are often used to diagnose or examine someone's risk of osteoporosis, a situation that weakens bones and makes them much more likely to break.

in addition to being short and painless, a DEXA test is greater effective than everyday X-rays in identifying low bone mineral density.

you can need to have a DEXA scan in case you're:

over 50 years of age with a risk of developing osteoporosis
underneath 50 with other danger elements – along with smoking or a previous fracture
the sector fitness business enterprise (WHO) has created a 10-12 months Fracture danger assessment tool, which applies to both ladies and men between 40 and ninety years of age. The device can be used to evaluate if a DEXA experiment is suitable and calculates your danger of fracture within the next 10 years.

Osteoporosis can have an effect on humans of both sexes and every age, even though older, put up-menopausal ladies are especially at danger. this is because after the menopause the extent of oestrogen declines, resulting in a lower in bone mineral density (BMD).

The more dense your bones, the stronger and much less possibly they're to fracture (wreck). Osteoporosis would not motive any signs and symptoms until a bone is damaged.

It was once difficult to degree bone density and discover the ones liable to developing osteoporosis till a fracture occurred. however, it's now feasible to measure bone density before a person receives a fracture.

study extra about whilst DEXA scans are used.

Measuring bone density
throughout a DEXA experiment, X-rays are passed via your frame. some radiation is absorbed by the bone and soft tissue and some travels through your body.

unique detectors inside the DEXA scanner measure how plenty radiation passes through your bones, and this facts is sent to a computer.

Your bone density measurements might be as compared with the bone density of a young wholesome grownup or an adult of your own age, gender and ethnicity.

examine more approximately how DEXA scans are done.

DEXA scans use a much decrease stage of radiation than trendy X-ray examinations, which means that that the radiographer (the technical professional carrying out the experiment) can stay in the scanning room with you at some stage in the experiment.

the quantity of radiation used all through a DEXA experiment varies depending at the region of the body being tested, but is very low and less than  days' exposure to herbal history radiation (NBR).

with the aid of assessment, a chest X-ray uses the equivalent of approximately three days' publicity to NBR, and a flight to North the united states is equal to approximately a week's exposure to NBR.

notwithstanding being very safe approaches, DEXA scans and X-rays are not advocated for pregnant women, as X-rays can damage an unborn infant.
Pregnant ladies who work carefully with children or have already got a young family are greater at risk of catching CMV.

if you'd want to recognize greater approximately CMV, you would possibly find those hyperlinks beneficial:
CMV: your questions answered (PDF download, 942kb) – CMV movement
Congenital CMV – splendid Ormond street clinic (GOSH)
you could also touch the UK charity CMV action for more assist and help if you or your child are recognized with CMV.

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