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Double vision (diplopia) is when you look at one object but can see two images

it may affect one eye or both eyes.

See an optician or GP if you or your toddler have double vision
symptoms that your baby can also have problems with their imaginative and prescient consist of:

narrowing or squinting their eyes to try to see better
overlaying one eye with their hand
turning their head in unusual ways (for example, tilting their head)
looking at you sideways in place of dealing with forward
it is essential to get double vision looked at, despite the fact that it comes and is going. it is every now and then a symptom of a severe situation.

Ask for an pressing appointment or visit A&E when you have:
eye ache and double imaginative and prescient
a excessive headache with blurred or double vision
locate an optician

What occurs at your appointment
Your optician or GP can ask approximately your signs and symptoms and do some easy, painless eye assessments. they may refer you to an eye fixed professional in clinic for assessments and treatment.

Your optician can also allow you to recognise if you need to look a GP instead.

Treating double imaginative and prescient
Your eyecare group or GP can recommend you approximately the best treatment for double imaginative and prescient when they exercise session the cause.

In a few cases, this may be simple treatments such as eye sports, wearing an eye patch or being prescribed glasses or touch lenses.

a few conditions that purpose double imaginative and prescient might also require eye surgical procedure to correct the problem.

causes of double imaginative and prescient
Double vision has many viable reasons, relying on whether one eye or each eyes are affected.

try covering one eye at a time to look if your double vision is going away.

if you nonetheless have double imaginative and prescient in one eye with the other one blanketed, it's probable most effective affecting that eye.

Double vision affecting each eyes (binocular)
Double imaginative and prescient affecting both eyes is mostly a symptom of a squint.

this is wherein issues with the eye muscle tissues or nerves reason the eyes to appearance in slightly exceptional directions.

Squints are greater commonplace in kids buDown's syndrome, also referred to as Down syndrome or trisomy 21, is a genetic circumstance that normally causes some level of getting to know disability and certain physical traits.

traits of Down's syndrome
maximum babies born with Down's syndrome are identified soon after birth and can have:

floppiness (hypotonia)
eyes that slant upwards and outwards
a small mouth with a tongue which can stick out
a flat again of the top
beneath-common weight and length at beginning
their palm may also have best one crease throughout it
even though children with Down's syndrome proportion some common bodily characteristics, they do not all look the equal. A child with Down's will look more like their own family members than different kids who've the syndrome.

human beings with Down's syndrome may also have distinctive personalities and capabilities. everyone born with Down's syndrome will have a few degree of gaining knowledge of incapacity, but this can be extraordinary for every body.

examine greater approximately the characteristics of Down's syndrome.

Screening for Down's syndrome
from time to time parents discover their child has Down's syndrome all through being pregnant due to screening exams. All pregnant women are supplied screening exams for Down's syndrome.

Screening checks can not tell you for positive in case your toddler has Down's syndrome, however they are able to inform you how likely it's miles.

If screening checks display there may be a threat your infant has Down's, more checks can be achieved at some point of pregnancy to confirm it.

these encompass:

chorionic villus sampling (CVS) – a small pattern of the placenta is tested, usually at some point of weeks 11-14 of pregnancy
amniocentesis – a pattern of amniotic fluid is tested, commonly at some point of weeks 15-20 of pregnancy
If those exams display that your infant has Down's syndrome, you and your child's other determine will be supplied counselling so you can speak approximately the effect of the prognosis.

you can also be offered an appointment to fulfill a health practitioner or different fitness professional who works with youngsters with Down's syndrome. they can let you know extra approximately the circumstance and answer any questions you have.

See more approximately screening for Down's syndrome

causes of Down's syndrome
Down's syndrome is typically as a result of an additional chromosome in a baby's cells. In maximum instances, this isn't always inherited – it is definitely the end result of a one-off genetic trade within the sperm or egg.

there may be a small threat of getting a infant with Down's syndrome with any being pregnant, however the chance will increase with the age of the mother.

for instance, a woman who's 20 has about a 1 in 1,500 threat of having a toddler with Down's, even as a female who is 40 has a 1 in a hundred chance.

there's no evidence that anything finished before or in the course of being pregnant increases or decreases the chance of having a toddler with Down's syndrome.

read more about the causes of Down's syndrome.

living with Down's syndrome
even though there is no "therapy" for Down's syndrome, there may be support to be had to assist children with the situation lead healthy, pleasant lives.

This includes:

get right of entry to to correct healthcare – which includes a variety of various specialists
guide in your infant's improvement – this can encompass speech and language remedy, physiotherapy, and home coaching
help companies – inclusive of the Down's Syndrome association, who can placed you in touch with different families who have a toddler with Down's syndrome
masses of human beings with Down's syndrome are capable of go away home, have relationships, work, and lead largely unbiased lives.

study more approximately living with Down's syndrome.

fitness issues related to Down's syndrome
humans with Down's syndrome are much more likely to have positive health problems, which include:

coronary heart disorders, along with congenital coronary heart disease
listening to and imaginative and prescient issues
thyroid troubles, including an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)
recurrent infections, inclusive of pneumonia
Your child can be checked via a paediatrician more often than other kids to pick up problems as early as viable.

when you have any issues about your infant's fitness, talk for your GP, health tourist or paediatrician.

examine more about the complications of Down's syndrome.

more help and assist
in case you'd like greater statistics approximately Down's syndrome, you could visit the Down's Syndrome affiliation or call their helpline on 0.33 121 2300.

data approximately your child
if your baby has Down's syndrome, your medical crew will pass statistics approximately her or him on to the country wide Congenital Anomaly and rare sicknesses Registration provider (NCARDRS).

This helps scientists search for better ways to prevent and treat this circumstance. you may decide out of the register at any time.

t they do not constantly motive double vision. An untreated squint in kids beneath 7 reasons a lazy eye alternatively.

Squints in adults are from time to time a signal of a extra critical condition.

Double imaginative and prescient affecting one eye (monocular)
Double imaginative and prescient affecting one eye is less common. it is commonly because of eye troubles inclusive of:

dry eye syndrome – where the eyes don't produce sufficient tears
astigmatism – a commonplace circumstance where a part of the eye isn't a super shape
cataracts – cloudy patches over the front of the eyes
keratoconus – wherein the clean outer layer of the eye (cornea) receives thinner and modifications shape

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