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Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties

a few people with dysphagia have problems swallowing certain meals or liquids, while others can't swallow at all.

different signs and symptoms of dysphagia encompass:

coughing or choking whilst eating or drinking
bringing food lower back up, now and again via the nostril
a sensation that food is stuck to your throat or chest
persistent drooling of saliva
being not able to chew food properly
a 'gurgly' wet sounding voice while consuming or consuming
over time, dysphagia can also cause signs along with weight loss and repeated chest infections.

whilst to are seeking for scientific recommendation
You ought to see your GP if you, or a person you take care of, have difficulty swallowing or some other symptoms of dysphagia so that you can get treatment to assist with your signs and symptoms.

Early research can also help to rule out different more critical conditions, which includes oesophageal most cancers.

Your GP will check you and might refer you for further tests.

read greater approximately diagnosing dysphagia.

Treating dysphagia
remedy commonly depends at the motive and sort of dysphagia.

Many cases of dysphagia may be improved with careful control, however a therapy isn't always possible. remedies for dysphagia encompass:

speech and language therapy to study new swallowing techniques
converting the consistency of food and liquids to lead them to safer to swallow
different types of feeding – which include tube feeding thru the nose or stomach
surgical treatment to widen the oesophagus, by way of stretching it or inserting a plastic or metal tube (stent)
read greater about treating dysphagia.

reasons of dysphagia
Dysphagia is commonly caused by any other fitness circumstance, including:

a situation that impacts the apprehensive gadget, together with a stroke, head harm, a couple of sclerosis or dementia
most cancers – together with mouth most cancers or oesophageal cancer
gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder (GORD) – in which belly acid leaks again up into the oesophagus
children can also have dysphagia as a result of a developmental or getting to know incapacity, such as cerebral palsy.

study extra about the reasons of dysphagia.

complications of dysphagia
Dysphagia can sometimes cause similarly problems.

one of the maximum commonplace problems is coughing or choking, while meals is going down the "incorrect way" and blocks your airway. this may lead to chest infections, such as aspiration pneumonia, which require pressing medical remedy.

Aspiration pneumonia can increase after by accident inhaling something, including a small piece of food.

caution symptoms of aspiration pneumonia include:

a wet, gurgly voice while eating or drinking
coughing even as consuming or ingesting
issue breathing – respiratory can be fast and shallow
if you, or a person you take care of, have been recognized with dysphagia and also you increase those symptoms, contact your treatment team immediately, or call NHS 111.

Dysphagia may imply that you keep away from ingesting and ingesting due to a worry of choking, which could lead to malnutrition and dehydration.
Dyspraxia, also called developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD), is a not unusual ailment that impacts your movement and co-ordination.

Dyspraxia does now not affect your intelligence, however it is able to make every day existence more difficult for you. it could have an effect on your co-ordination competencies – which includes responsibilities requiring balance, playing sports activities or getting to know to drive a car – and your fine motor abilties, which include writing or the use of small items.

This page focuses on dyspraxia in adults. you may also study approximately early life dyspraxia.

signs and symptoms of dyspraxia
symptoms of dyspraxia can vary among individuals and might alternate over time. you may locate recurring duties hard, and coping at paintings can be hard.

if you have dyspraxia you may have problems with:

co-ordination, stability and motion
getting to know new talents, questioning, and remembering information at paintings and in leisure activities
day by day living competencies, inclusive of dressing or making ready meals to time
writing, typing, drawing and greedy small items
social situations
coping with your emotions
time management, making plans and personal organization
Dyspraxia ought to no longer be confused with different problems affecting movement, which includes cerebral palsy and stroke. it can have an effect on human beings of all highbrow skills.

whilst to peer a GP
See your GP in case you think you can have undiagnosed dyspraxia or troubles together with your co-ordination. it's a good concept to preserve a diary of your signs.

You GP may refer you to a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist for assessments. they will verify your moves and how your symptoms are affecting you earlier than creating a analysis.

when you have dyspraxia, you could additionally produce other situations, such as:

interest deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
autism spectrum ailment
problem gaining knowledge of or information maths (dyscalculia)
despair or anxiety
reasons of dyspraxia
Dyspraxia is extra not unusual in men and often runs in households.

It is not known what causes dyspraxia, but you will be at a better chance of growing it in case you had been born in advance.

treatment for dyspraxia
although there's no therapy for dyspraxia, there are remedies that permit you to address your condition and be successful on your research, work and home lifestyles, which include:

occupational remedy – to help you find realistic ways to stay impartial and manipulate ordinary duties which include writing or making ready meals
cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – a speakme therapy that will let you manipulate your issues through changing the manner you suspect and behave
it may additionally assist in case you:

hold in shape – you may discover regular exercise facilitates with co-ordination, reduces feelings of fatigue and forestalls you gaining weight
learn how to use a computer or laptop if writing by using hand is hard
use a calendar or diary to improve your company – you will be able to synchronise this along with your smartphone and computer
find out how to talk definitely approximately your challenges and how you have overcome them
searching for out help through programmes such as access to paintings from Jobcentre Plus
assist for people living with dyspraxia
Dyspraxia could have a massive effect to your life, however guide is available that will help you manage your situation and feature the fine viable fine of living.

it might help to talk to others who have the same condition or to connect to a charity.

Dysphagia also can affect your exceptional of existence because it can prevent you from playing food and social events.

Dysphagia in youngsters
If youngsters with lengthy-time period dysphagia are not ingesting sufficient, they may now not get the essential vitamins they want for bodily and mental development.

kids who have problem consuming may discover meal instances disturbing, which might also cause behavioural troubles.

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