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Epilepsy is a common condition

Epilepsy is a commonplace circumstance that impacts the brain and reasons frequent seizures.
Seizures are bursts of electrical hobby within the mind that briefly affect how it works. they could cause a extensive range of signs and symptoms.
Epilepsy can begin at any age, however generally begins either in early life or in human beings over 60. it is frequently lifelong, but can every now and then get slowly better through the years.
signs of epilepsy
Seizures can have an effect on people in distinct approaches, relying on which part of the mind is involved.
feasible signs encompass:
uncontrollable jerking and shaking – known as a "fit"
losing attention and staring blankly into space
turning into stiff
extraordinary sensations – along with a "rising" feeling within the tummy, unusual smells or tastes, and a tingling feeling on your palms or legs
every so often you may bypass out and now not do not forget what passed off.
read greater about the symptoms of epilepsy.
while to get medical help
See your GP in case you assume you might have had a seizure for the first time.
this does not mean you have got epilepsy, as a seizure will have numerous reasons and now and again they may be only a one-off, but you have to see a medical doctor to find out why it passed off.
study about the exams for epilepsy you would possibly have.
name 999 for an ambulance if someone:
is having a seizure for the primary time
has a seizure that lasts extra than 5 mins
has lots of seizures in a row
has respiration problems or has severely injured themselves
examine about what to do if a person has a seizure.
treatments for epilepsy
treatment can assist most people with epilepsy have fewer seizures or stop having seizures absolutely.
remedies encompass:
drug treatments referred to as anti-epileptic capsules – those are the main treatment
surgical operation to get rid of a small part of the mind it is causing the seizures
a system to position a small electric tool in the frame which could assist control seizures
a special food plan (ketogenic weight loss plan) that may help manipulate seizures
some people want remedy for life. but you is probably able to prevent remedy in case your seizures disappear over the years.
read greater approximately remedies for epilepsy.
residing with epilepsy
Epilepsy is mostly a lifelong circumstance, however most people with it are able to have normal lives if their seizures are properly managed.
most kids with epilepsy are able to visit a mainstream faculty, participate in maximum activities and sports activities, and get a job while they're older.
but you could should consider your epilepsy before you do matters inclusive of riding, sure jobs, swimming, the use of contraception and planning a being pregnant.
advice is to be had from your GP or assist businesses to help you adjust to life with epilepsy.
examine extra approximately residing with epilepsy.
reasons of epilepsy
In epilepsy, the electrical alerts within the brain end up scrambled and there are once in a while unexpected bursts of electrical hobby. that is what causes seizures.
In most cases, it's not clear why this takes place. it is possible it can be in part due to your genes affecting how your mind works, as round one in three people with epilepsy have a family member with it.
once in a while, epilepsy may be resulting from harm to the mind, along with damage from:
a stroke
a brain tumour
a extreme head injuryErection troubles (impotence) are very not unusual, specially in guys over forty. it's typically not anything to worry about, however you ought to see a GP if it continues taking place.
causes of erection issues
maximum men occasionally fail to get or maintain an erection.
this is commonly because of strain, tiredness, tension or drinking too much alcohol, and it is not anything to fear about.
If it occurs more often, it could be due to bodily or emotional problems.
See a GP or visit a sexual fitness medical institution if:
erection troubles hold occurring
it can be a sign of an underlying fitness circumstance.
How sexual health clinics can help with erection troubles
Sexual fitness clinics treat genital issues. they could offer the same treatment you would get at your GP surgery.
Many sexual health clinics offer a walk-in provider, in which you do not want an appointment. they may frequently get test results quicker than GP practices.
discover a sexual health health facility close to you
What occurs at your appointment
The health practitioner or nurse will ask approximately your life-style and relationships, and any problems you is probably having.
they'll carry out simple health tests, along with taking your blood stress. they'll also take a look at your genitals to rule out any obvious bodily reason.
if you have signs and symptoms like wanting to pee greater regularly, your doctor may additionally need to examine your prostate. they could must examine your bottom (rectal exam).
treatment for erection problems depends at the reason
remedies for erectile disorder are lots better than they was, and the trouble often is going away.
bodily reasons
viable reason treatment
Narrowing of penis blood vessels, excessive blood pressure, excessive ldl cholesterol medicine to lower blood stress, statins to lower ldl cholesterol
Hormone problems hormone replacement – as an instance, testosterone
facet consequences of prescribed medication change to medication following dialogue with GP
you could also be requested to make way of life adjustments.
lose weight if you're obese
forestall smoking
eat a healthful weight-reduction plan
workout daily
try to reduce pressure and tension
cycle for a while (if you cycle for more than 3 hours a week)
drink extra than 14 units of alcohol per week
medication which includes sildenafil (bought as Viagra) is often utilized by docs to deal with erectile disorder. it is also to be had from chemists.
due to adjustments in regulations, you not need a prescription to get sildenafil. but you'll ought to have a consultation with the pharmacist to make certain it is safe which will take it.
There are other comparable drug treatments known as tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra) and avanafil (Spedra) that paintings in a similar manner. you may nonetheless need a prescription to get those medicines.
buying Viagra on-line
The Sexual advice affiliation has factsheets on medicines and different remedies, along with injections, implants and creams.
Do vacuum pumps paintings?
Vacuum pumps encourage blood to waft to the penis, causing an erection. They work for most men and may be used if remedy isn't appropriate.
they may be not constantly to be had on the NHS. speak in your medical doctor about wherein to get one.
Emotional (psychological) problems
it's more likely to be an emotional problem in case you only have erection problems a number of the time – for instance, you continue to get erections within the mornings but now not for the duration of sexual interest.
tension and melancholy can be handled with counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
Your GP might advocate intercourse therapy, either on its very own or in combination with other psychotherapy.
there is normally a long watch for these services at the NHS.
you can additionally pay to see someone privately.
finding personal counsellors or intercourse therapists
Counsellors and psychotherapists must be a member of the:
British affiliation of Counselling and Psychotherapy
sex therapists have to be a member of the:
college of Sexual and relationship Therapists (COSRT)
Institute of Psychosexual medicinal drug
Relate additionally gives sex therapy for a price
drug abuse or alcohol misuse
a brain contamination
a loss of oxygen for the duration of birth

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